With Bonusly Digital Signage, you can display recent bonuses on any screen in your office. It's a fun way to increase the visibility of recognition and keep it top of mind for your team.

Bonusly Digital Signage continually cycles through the 50 most recent bonuses, excluding bonuses from removed users. 

Here's an example of what your Digital Signage will look like:

Setting up the Digital Signage

To set up Digital Signage, go to your company's Integrations page and scroll down to the Digital Signage link under Whenever, wherever.

When you click on Digital Signage, the Digital Signage will open in a new tab in your browser with a standard URL. If you are currently logged into Bonusly on the display system your Digital Signage will be up and running! If not you will need to create and add an Access Token when prompted!

Creating an Access Token

To create an Access Token for your Digital Signage, go to your personal settings page and click on the Services tab. 

Once there select, Create New API Access Token! We will only show you the token once, so make sure you keep it somewhere safe!

Now that you have successfully created an Access Token, you can add it to your Digital Signage when prompted!

Bonusly customer CE Broker shared this image of their Digital Signage on display in their office on Instagram.

"To keep recognition top of mind at the office, we set up a feed to display recent bonuses given. 🤗🎉"


Do I have to be logged in, in order to display Bonusly Digital Signage? Nope! All you need to do is copy the URL, add the access token and you're good to go! 

Still need help with Bonusly Digital Signage? Shoot us a message at support@bonus.ly and we'll get you squared away! 

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