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Reviewing pending Recognition Programs
Reviewing pending Recognition Programs

Learn how to review pending Awards & Incentives on the Pending Approvals page

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The Pending Approvals page makes it easy for users to review, approve, or deny Manual and Claimable requests. How you access pending rewards will look a little different depending on admin permissions.

Notification of Pending Recognition Programs

Admin Notification:

When admins are assigned to review an award they will see a red notification dot under admin tools with the number of awards that are pending.

User notification:

Users without admin permissions will be notified of a pending reward in a banner on the homepage:

The notification shows how many recognition programs are waiting for approval. Click REVIEW to travel to the Pending Approvals page.

All users in charge of approval will also receive an email notification that action is required.

Review a pending Recognition

Admin Access

To access pending awards, click on the Pending Approvals link in the admin tools.

User Access

Users without admin permissions can review pending awards by clicking on the Pending Approvals link in the navigation bar. This will take you to the Pending Approvals overview page.

Pending Approvals Page

The Pending Approvals overview page is where you can review Awards and Incentives that have been assigned to you and are waiting for approval. All Awards and Incentives will be listed in the order that they were submitted. Information you will find in the overview includes:

  • Date - the date the award was given or claimed

  • Award - the name of the award

  • Recipient(s) - user(s) who will receive points for a particular award

  • Amount - how many points will be given for the award

  • Approve or Deny - admin actions to take for each award

Pro tip: You can filter for specific awards by choosing from the dropdown list at the top of the page.

To see more details about each award click on the dropdown arrow, which will include:

  • Claim reasons - details submitted by a user who is claiming an award.

  • Award requested by - user who gave out a Manual Award that is subject to approval.

  • Approval process - users who need to review before the award is approved

  • Review log - status of the approval process

Approving or Denying a Recognition Program

You can approve or deny awards directly from this page. Approving immediately posts recognition to the public feeds and sends points to a user. Denying sends a notification to the user asking them to touch base with an admin for more information.

If there are multiple levels of approvals needed, the award will not be given until all levels of approvers have taken action. You can see the status for levels of approval in the Review log for the award.

Check on these articles for more on how to set up Awards and how to set up Incentives.

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