Manual Awards help streamline management of company-to-employee bonuses and recognition! With fixed or customizable bonus reasons and amounts, shared budgets, and budget periods, companies can increase recognition for initiatives and company events with ease!

You can use Manual Awards to standardize and facilitate many types of recognition, including:

  • Referral bonuses
  • Wellness programs
  • Training incentives
  • Employee milestones: marriage, new family member, buying a house, etc.
  • ... and more!

Manual Awards are available with the Bonusly Pro subscription. To upgrade your account to Pro, visit the billing page. Once you've upgraded, you'll be ready to set up your own Manual Awards!

Setting up a new Manual Award

First, head to the Awards page, found here under Bonuses. Under Manual Awards, click on the "Create New Award" button on the right: 

In the Create a new award modal that appears, fill in the provided sections:

  • Award Name: Name of the award.
  • Avatar: (Optional) Upload an icon of your choosing. 
  • Budget in <company point name>: This is the budget set for this award, which helps with book-keeping and budget planning.
    -If: No budget is set, it will default to infinite
    -If: A budget is set, a drop-down will appear for Budget Period.
  • Budget Period: (Optional) Set a budget for Monthly/Quarterly/Annual spending from this award. This helps with budgetary purposes. 

Next, choose whether or not a bonus template will be used:

  • Awards with templates: The bonus reason and bonus amount of a templated manual award cannot be edited by the giver, only by admins.
  • Awards without templates: Both the bonus reason and bonus amount can be edited by the giver of the award. 

Setting up an Award with a template

After filling out the required and optional fields, make sure "Use bonus template" is active and green then select "Next":

Under "Bonus Template", both the bonus amount and bonus text are customizable:

First, choose the bonus amount. The system will automagically calculate how many bonuses can be given within the budget period to help calculate for budgeting purposes.

*If no budget is set, the giver will be able to edit the bonus amount from within the budgeted amount

Next, enter the bonus text for the award. This cannot be edited by the giver. A display box shows a preview of how the templated bonus will appear when given: 

Once the award budget and content is correct, select "Next": 

Setting up an Award without a template

After filling out the required and optional fields, deselect the "Use bonus template" button, and select "Next":

For Awards with and without a template

On the "Who can give?" screen, decide who can give from this award. 

  • Match Any: If users match any of the criteria listed, they will be able to give from the award.
    -For example: If a user is in the chosen Location or a Department, then they will be able to give from this award. 
  • Match All: Users must match all conditions in order to give from the award.
    -For example: A user must be in the chosen Location and Department in order to give the award. 

Once your give parameters have been set, select "Create Award" to finish!:

Your new award will now be active! 🎉  

Templated vs non-templated awards can be told apart by looking in the "Reason" field. Templated awards will have a reason present. Non-templated awards will not.  
*Templated awards populate first, with all non-templated awards appearing underneath.

Now you can edit awards, activate/deactivate, and view inactive Awards! 🎉 

Editing Givers

If you want to edit the giving parameters, go to the "Edit Givers" column and select the award: 

The "Edit an Award" modal will appear, and allow you to edit accessibility. 

Once you have your conditions and matching preference set, select "Update Award" to save your changes:

Editing a Manual Award

You can edit Manual Awards at any time by selecting the pencil icon on the right side of the screen:

Once you have made the edits needed, go to the "Who can give?" section and select "Update Award" to save your changes:

Setting a Manual Award to Active/Inactive

You can see if a Manual Award is available to give from on the left side of the screen: 

In order to change the Award's availability, simply click on the "Deactivate" button on the right side of the screen:

The "Deactivate" button allows you to suspend Manual Award availability as needed.

Deactivated awards can be found by selecting "Show Inactive" at the bottom of the page:

To reactivate, select the "Reactivate" button on the right side of the screen:

The award will now show as "Active" again:

Congratulations, you're all done setting up and editing your Awards! Check out our article "How to give an Award" to see how easy it is to give!


Where do the points from a Manual Award bonus come from? 

Manual Award points come directly from the company, not an individual user’s allowance balance.

How do I pay for these points?

Just like other allowance points, companies only pay for rewards when they're redeemed, never any unused points. 

Questions about setting up your Manual Awards? Contact us at!

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