Claimable Awards encourage proactive participation among users, allowing them to advocate for themselves and eliminate the feeling that certain work goes unnoticed. With fixed bonus reasons and amounts, companies can increase recognition for initiatives while streamlining admin work!

Claimable Awards are available with the Bonusly Pro subscription. To upgrade your account to Pro, visit the billing page. Once you've upgraded, you'll be ready to set up your own Claimable Awards!

Setting up a new Claimable Award

First, head to the Awards page, found here under Bonuses. Select the “Claimable” header at the top of the page:

Once in Claimable Awards, click on the "+ Create new Award" button on the right:

In the Create a Claimable Award modal that appears, fill in the provided sections:

  • Award name: Name of the award.
  • Image: (Optional) Upload an icon of your choosing. 
  • Description: Describe what action needs to be accomplished in order to claim this award.
  • Approve all claims automatically: Toggle this feature on to approve claims for this award automatically. No admin approval needed! Claims are approved on a first come first serve.
  • Quantity: Define the maximum amount of times the award can be claimed per month. The quantity will reset monthly for users just like your monthly bonus allowance and is required for auto-approval. Claims submitted after the quantity limit is reached will roll over to the next month for approval. For auto-approval, once the quantity is reached the award will be "out of stock" until the beginning of the next calendar month.

Once you have filled out the required information, select "Next" to continue to the Bonus template:

On the Bonus template page, provide the following information: 

  • Bonus amount: The amount each individual Claimable Award is worth.
  • Bonus text: The explanation of why the user is receiving this reward. 
  • The Award bonus preview will show you what the bonus will look like in the Bonusly feed. 

Select "Next" when you are ready for the final page:

Finally, choose which admins will be approving or denying this Claimable Award. They will receive an email alert when someone claims this reward. Select "Create Award" to activate and save changes.

If you turned on the toggle for auto-approve, you can select "Create Award" from the Bonus template. The award will automatically be approved for the quantity listed. No approvers needed!

You're all set! 🎉 Claimable awards will be immediately ready for users to claim:

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Where do the points from a Claimable Award bonus come from? 

Claimable Award points come directly from the company, not an individual user’s allowance balance.

How do I pay for these points?

Just like other allowance points, companies only pay for rewards when they're redeemed, never any unused points. 

Questions about setting up your Claimable Awards? Contact us at!

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