The Users > Givings report shows recognition given out across your entire organization within a selected timeframe.

Filtering your Report:

You can filter this report for more specific review in two ways:

By date - You can choose the drop-down menu to choose a recent month or select filter by date to choose a date range.

By User- If you want to search for a specific user, choose the filter users button to search by email, name, department, location, and admin permissions.

You can also include archived users when filtering your report by clicking Include: archived.

Reporting Columns:

  • Recognition given - The amount of recognition each user gives out per month in the time frame selected

  • Unique recipient - How many different users someone is giving to directly

  • Total Points - Total number of points given out from a users allowance

This report is useful for managers to keep track of adoption/participation rates among users. It is also a good place to check to make sure your team is able to give out their first piece of recognition upon launching Bonusly. 📈

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