The Users > Manage page allows you to view the users who are currently active in your Bonusly account and manually edit and update user information.

You can easily organize how you view user information by clicking on the filter users button. These filters make it easy to sort the list by email, name, department, location, role, and admin permissions to help refine your searches. ✨

If you want to download this report to review and share, click on the export to CSV button to generate a report instantly.

Actions you can take on the Users > Manage page:

If you’re using an HRIS integration, user information in Bonusly will come directly from your HRIS roster and cannot be edited on this page. You will need to make changes to your user data from within your HRIS/HRMS system and those changes will then automatically show up in Bonusly. Click here for more information on setting up HRIS integrations. 💥

If you do not have an HRIS integration in place, you can edit or change information about users by clicking on the edit button.

A dialogue box will pop up where you can change information like name, email, department, role, and avatar.

For all accounts including those using an HRIS integration, the Users > Manage page is where you can update how users access Bonusly including:

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