Why can't I add or delete users?

Learn how to manage your Bonusly user roster if you set up an HRIS/HRMS integration.

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By default, Bonusly administrators have the ability to add or remove users from the 'Manage Users' section of the admin panel using the controls indicated with arrows below:

If you don't have these controls, you have a user management integration set up with Bonusly. You'll need to make your changes to user data from within your HRIS/HRMS. 

When a user management integration is active:

If you have one of Bonusly's user management integrations activated, you'll notice that the 'add user' button and 'archive user' buttons have disappeared, like in the example below:

When an automated user management integration is activated, Bonusly disables manual user management and uses the HRIS/HRMS employee roster for your Bonusly user roster. 

Managing users via HRIS/HRMS integration:

With a user management integration active, Bonusly user accounts are added, changed and/or archived automatically based on their status in your HRIS/HRMS. 

If you need to add, edit or archive a user: Simply add, edit or archive them from your HRIS/HRMS integration, and trigger a fresh import to update Bonusly.

How do I update Bonusly from my HRIS/HRMS integration?

If you have a HRIS/HRMS integration, you can trigger a fresh import on your “Company Integrations” page by clicking on the icon for the HRIS/HRMS system you’re using. In this example, the HRIS/HRMS system being used is Zenefits: 

You can also access this page from the “Imported users” page by clicking on the “user management integration” link near the top of the page. 

Once you are on your HRIS/HRMS integration management page, you can manually trigger a fresh import by clicking on: “trigger a fresh import of employees from (Zenefits)”. You will also need to be logged into your HRIS/HRMS program in order to complete this action. 

HRIS/HRMS configuration options: 

You are able to configure your HRIS/HRMS settings to automatically sync new employees who are added in your integrated HRIS/HRMS program by clicking on “Settings”:

From the drop down, select “Update Settings”

You’re all set! Now your HRIS/HRMS is synced, and your users will be automatically updated in Bonusly! 🎉 

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