The Anniversary Award will automatically give a bonus to your teammates when they reach their work anniversary. This can be a really great way to celebrate all of the successes your teammate has contributed to your company during their tenure! 🎉 

The bonus will appear in the bonus feed, which allows the rest of your team to add on to the bonus if they would like. 

Part of our Awards feature, the points for the Anniversary Award come directly from the company, and not an individual user’s allowance balance. This means there's no need to worry about managing allowances for the award. 

The automated Anniversary Award comes automatically installed with the Bonusly Pro plan, and is pre-programmed with a message and bonus amount. 

Before you begin customizing and configuring the Anniversary Award, you'll want to make sure your users have hire dates set. Click here to learn more about adding hire dates for your users. 

Customizing the Anniversary Award 

To make adjustments to the Anniversary Award, head over to the Awards page. To edit the messaging or amount of your Anniversary Award, click the pencil icon on the right:

A pop-up will appear that allows you edit the text and amount. 

You can edit the message of the text here:

You can edit the default amount here: 

Your default amount is the amount that each teammate will receive on their anniversary, regardless of their tenure. 

If you'd like to award different amounts based on your teammate's years of service, click 'Advanced Amounts.'

Next, click 'Add New Threshold' for each specific anniversary you would like to celebrate with an amount other than the default amount. 

In this example, we'll celebrate five-year anniversaries with 500 points, and ten-year anniversaries with 1,000 points. All other anniversaries will receive the default amount of 50 points. 

When you're finished editing your Anniversary Award, don't forget to click 'save':

Turning the Anniversary Award on or off

To deactivate the Anniversary Award, click the 'pause' button on the right:

Now the award is inactive. If you'd like to reactivate it, just click the 'play' button:

Frequently asked questions

Where do the bonus points come from? 

These points come directly from the company, and not an individual user’s allowance balance. 

How do I add my teammates' anniversary dates?
There are three ways to add your teammates' anniversary dates:

  • If you're using an HRIS/HRMS integration for your user management, we'll automatically pull the information over for you. 
  • If there's no data available for us to collect, or if you're not using an HRIS/HRMS integration, then we'll send your teammate a notification asking them to add the information to the 'Anniversaries' tab of their settings page, which will appear once you've added the Anniversary Package. 
  • You can manually add everyone's information by including it in a column and using our bulk upload feature

What time do the automated awards run?

The automated awards will send the bonus at approximately 8am in the receiver's time zone. 

Whoops! I entered the wrong date. How do I make sure my teammate doesn't receive a second bonus on their actual anniversary? 

Not to worry, we thought that situation might come up from time-to-time, so we designed the system to only give that bonus once within a ten month period. 

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