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Learn how to customize and adjust what email notifications you receive from Bonusly.

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You can edit your email preferences from this page. Be sure to click "Save Preferences" when you're done making your changes.

Notifications allows you to select which reminders and emails you will receive related to Bonusly. We strongly encourage, as a best practice, keeping all of your notifications in place, as reminders are strongly tied healthy platform activity.

*If you decide to disable some of the notifications and find your usage of Bonusly decreasing, we encourage you to reactivate the reminders. 👍 

Email notification types:

  • Bonus emails let you know when you receive a new bonus.

  • Allowance emails reminds you to use your balance by the end of the month.

  • Achievement notifications let you know when you have received a new achievement.

  • Comment notifications let you know when somebody comments on a bonus you've given, a bonus you've received, or a bonus you've commented on.

  • Activity updates notify you of any bonus activity that is going on around you. 

Admin Only:

  • Newsletter allows you to opt in or out of receiving our emailed newsletter.

  • Reward notifications will notify admins of any pending reward requests via email.

  • Catalog updates will notify admins when new rewards are added.

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