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How to activate PrePay for Rewards
How to activate PrePay for Rewards

Pre-pay with Bonusly is easy to set up, automatic, and reduces transaction fees.

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Add credit card to enable prepay option

To set up Prepay for Rewards, first head to the Company > Billing page. You'll need a valid credit card on file to have the option to set up this feature.

Add Credit Card button highlighted in the Reward Billing table of the Billing Activity page, prompting admin user to add a credit card to give users access to full rewards catalog and to setup prepay.

Setup prepay

Once you have a card on file, click “Setup Prepay” under the “Reward Billing” section:

Setup Prepay button highlighted on left side of the Reward Billing section in the Billing Activity page.

Next, select your prepay amount. This is the amount that your card will be charged each time to keep a balance available to redeem for Rewards. The larger the prepay amount, the less frequently your credit card will be charged: 

Click “Enable” if you're setting it up, or click "Update" if you are modifying your Prepay settings. You’ll see a message confirming that prepay is enabled. You're done! 🎉

A Prepay rewards message will display with the amount it will be refilled by whenever the rewards balance drops below a certain amount.

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