It's easy to manage your payment information on the Company > Billing page in the admin toolbar. 🎉 Subscription and Rewards payment settings are managed together through one system on your billing page.

Updating Payments Settings for Subscription and Rewards

To update your payment settings, first click on the Manage button under Account and Payment Settings.

The manage button will open a dashboard.

On your dashboard, you can manage your account information and add your payment method. You can also add a billing email address using the Account Information link.

Next, click on Payment Methods to update how you plan to pay.

The Payment Methods page lists all payment methods on file and indicates your primary method preference.

Pro tip: a back up payment method can be handy in case the primary method is unavailable.

To add a new method of payment, click Add New to enter card information and address. Click on Add to add the card to your list of payment methods.

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