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Answers to your most frequently asked questions
Answers to your most frequently asked questions

As you get started, you may have a few questions about how Bonusly works. Here are the answers for our most frequently asked questions!

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Peer-to-peer recognition lets you recognize all of your colleagues for big and small wins every day! Bonusly helps you celebrate each other's accomplishments and see how they play into your company’s culture, core values, and mission.  

How do I give a bonus? 

When you log into your Bonusly account for the first time, you’ll be guided on how to give a bonus. Here’s an article with instructions on how to give a bonus. 🎊

How can I make my bonus stand out?

Check out How to give a great bonus to find out how to make your recognition the most impactful. Our Pro-tips teach you how to make your bonus extra fun! ✨

When do allowance points refresh? 

Allowance points refresh on the first of each calendar month. 🗓

What if I run out of points before the end of the month? 

Don’t worry, you can redeem your earnings for an allowance boost so you’re able to give more recognition to your co-workers! 💚

Do my earned points expire? 

Earnings never expire - so you can save up for the big ticket item you’ve been wanting! 💰

How do I redeem my points for a reward?

Congratulations on earning a reward! 🎉 Here are instructions on how to redeem for your reward. Can’t find your gift card, or something seems wrong? Check out this article for more assistance.

How will I receive my rewards?

Rewards are sent directly to your email inbox. You can also see them here in your Bonusly account. 💌

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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