Employee engagement isn't optional.

Work has changed. Employees expect autonomy, growth, and purpose from their work. Companies ignoring this new reality are losing top employees & falling behind, and companies are outperform competition when employees are empowered, encouraged, and working toward the same goals. 

What does this look like in numbers? Companies with low employee engagement levels have...

  • Customer Satisfaction levels that are up to 10 percent lower
  • Employees who are 21 percent less productive
  • Businesses with 22 percent lower profits.

Recognizing employees is powerful. 

Staff recognition is a highly effective and proven strategy for improving employee engagement. A well-implemented staff appreciation program has the power to impact many aspects of business from morale, to productivity, engagement, and retention.

Research by Bersin & Associates found that recognition programs that met these 5 criteria can reduce turnover by 31%:

  1. Recognize specific results and behaviors
  2. Peer-to-peer, not top-down
  3. Share recognition publicly
  4. Make recognition easy and frequent
  5. Tie recognition to company values & goals

Employee recognition that works. 

Bonusly makes this high-impact recognition accessible to companies of all types and sizes. 

Bonusly empowers the entire team to celebrate successes, reinforce values, and strive toward shared goals, with recognition that is: Inclusive | Flexible | Timely | Effortless | Insightful

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