Your team will use their Bonusly points to redeem rewards from your catalog. There are three sections: gift cards, charitable donations, and custom rewards. This is also customizable on the Catalog Admin Page.

Gift cards and donations

Bonusly comes preset with a full catalog of gift cards and donations. When your employees redeem these, they’ll receive the gift card or donation receipt instantly by email. This means there’s no administration required for these rewards to be fulfilled.
You can remove gift cards from the catalog, but we recommend leaving all of the options for your employees.

Custom rewards

You can also set up custom rewards. These are rewards for just your company that you fulfill in-house. This is an opportunity for you to tie perks to performance, include local experiences, support a company charity, and promote other cultural initiatives like healthy living.  

  • Lunch with CEO
  • Rock climbing
  • Skiing
  • Swag (show visually -- how many points for each) 

Catalog protips

  • Make sure your rewards catalog fits your culture and is valuable to employees.
  • If administration time is a concern, you can reduce fulfilment time for custom rewards by only using the gift card catalog or setting a few high-value custom rewards that employees would save for. 

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