How does Bonusly work?
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To be impactful, employee recognition should be specific, peer-to-peer, public, frequent, and tied to your company's core values. 

What does that kind of recognition look like in practice? Watch this one minute video to see how Bonusly works:

Every month, users get a Bonusly allowance.

With that allowance, users can give small bonuses to their peers, direct reports, and managers to recognize their contributions in real time. The dollar value is usually small, but the recognition is invaluable.

Employees can redeem the points they've earned in our extensive digital reward catalog.

The catalog is full of rewards options like gift cards and charitable donations, but it's completely customizable. You can add custom rewards like PTO, company-­branded gear, or lunch with the CEO.

With automated recognition and rewards administration in one intuitive platform, your employees can redeem rewards instantly, minimizing the administration time needed to turn recognition into tangible, memorable perks.

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