Bonusly has four user modes to control who can give and receive bonuses. Adjusting someone's user mode can be a good way to control how your organization uses Bonusly. 

The four user modes

1. Normal

Normal users can give and receive microbonuses. This is the default user mode. Every user starts out as a 'normal' user.

2. Benefactor

Benefactors can give microbonuses, but cannot receive microbonuses. This might be useful, for instance, for members of upper management who would like to give bonuses, but don't wish to receive bonuses. 

(Note: Because other users cannot give bonuses to benefactors, they will not appear in the drop-down menu of the 'to:' field.)

3. Receiver

Receivers can receive microbonuses, but not give microbonuses. If there are certain users that you don't want to be able to give bonuses, but you do want them to be able to receive bonuses, then you'll want to set them to 'receiver' mode. 

4. Observer

Observers can view activity, but can neither give nor receive microbonuses. Owners and executive leadership who may want to view bonus activity, but not participate directly in bonus giving or receiving, are the most common use case for the 'observer' user mode.

(Note: Because other users cannot give bonuses to observers, they will not appear in the drop-down menu of the 'to:' field.)

Changing someone's user mode

To change someone's user mode, simply head to the 'User Management' page and click the pencil icon to the right of their name. 

A dialogue will appear allowing you to choose one of the four user modes Bonusly supports. Choose a mode for the user in question and then click save:

Don't forget to click the 'Save' button when you're done! The new user mode will take effect immediately. 🎉 

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