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Redeeming for the PayPal reward
Redeeming for the PayPal reward

Having issues redeeming for a PayPal cash-out? Please follow the instructions in this article.

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Need help with a previously claimed reward? Please skim down to this page's "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

When you claim the reward from the rewards page, please follow these steps:

  1. Travel to the rewards page and select the "Money" category on the left sidebar.

  2. Select the amount you wish to claim.

  3. You will see a "Redemption info" modal pop-up. You must click "Redeem" to continue to claim the reward successfully.

  4. Confirm your PayPal account email from the "Tremendous payout" page and click the "Transfer" button to complete the redemption. (NOTE: this field will autofill with the email associated with your Bonusly account. If your PayPal account is associated with an alternate address, make sure you type the correct email in this field)

  5. You will see a window titled "Redeemed payout," with a note that says, "We're sending the money to your PayPal account." You will also receive an email with the subject, "Your $X PayPal USA transfer is on its way ๐Ÿ’ธ" to confirm the transfer, with the option to track the reward status.

If you view your PayPal account, you'll see the transaction appear like this:

Frequently Asked Questions

I claimed the PayPal reward but have yet to receive an email confirmation. Do you know how I can access this reward?

Please visit your rewards history page and click "View" under the reward. This will take you to the page where you can submit your email to claim the reward. If you notice a typo in the email you entered or entered the wrong email address, please contact [email protected] to correct the issue.

I accidentally redeemed my PayPal cashout to the wrong email. How can I reverse this?

If the email address is valid and not associated with a PayPal account, the payout will sit in an unclaimed status. Please contact [email protected] so they can cancel the reward and correct the issue. Their recipient support team will respond to emails in one business day.

I accidentally submitted an email with a typo in it. How can I reverse this?

If the email address is not valid (the email address has a typo, for example), the payout will sit in an unclaimed status, and you will have to reach out to [email protected] to correct the issue.

Why does the PayPal reward cost more than it used to?

For the newly updated PayPal reward, additional points are charged to cover transaction fees to process the reward. A US-based PayPal will be charged points equivalent to $0.25; all other accounts will be charged 2% extra points.

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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