Setting up HRIS Integrations via Merge
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A user management integration will keep your Bonusly user list in sync with your HRIS. This is a great way to reduce the administrative overhead of your employee recognition program.

As you add, edit or remove employees in your HRIS, your user management integration will make the corresponding changes in Bonusly. You can even customize which users Bonusly will import from your HRIS, making user management a breeze. 🙌

The following article outlines how to set up integrations using Merge in Bonusly.

Pre-launch setup

To begin HRIS setup, click on the Bonusly Integrations page in your user toolbar.

On the integrations page, scroll down to the Get in sync section at the bottom of the page and click on the Connect to HRIS/HRMS button.

A new window will appear where you can choose your HRIS system and enable permissions to connect your HRIS to Bonusly via Merge.

✏️ Note: Not all HRIS systems are currently supported via Merge, and only supported platforms will appear as options.

Once a successful connection is made between Merge and your HRIS, a data sync will automatically begin. On the integrations page, you'll see progress updates and recommended steps for managing user invitations to complete before launch.

Important❗️During the initial automatic sync, users WILL NOT be automatically activated or invited to Bonusly.

Sync in Progress

  • Initializing Sync - Confirms the status that your HRIS is connected to Bonusly through Merge

  • Importing Users - Shows the status of adding users from your HRIS

  • Updating Users - Shows the status of updates made to users based on changes made in your HRIS

Included in the integrations status window is a list of action items under Manage User Invitations for Admins to complete prior to launching Bonusly.

Manage User Invitations:

  • View your list of imported users: to ensure it matches what you expect to sync from your HRIS.

  • Manage activation rules to configure who should be invited to Bonusly. If there are activation rules in place, only employees who meet the criteria will be invited.

  • Configure settings for your Welcome Award and emails for invited users.

  • Enable auto-invite on launch day

Important❗️Users will not have access to Bonusly until auto-invite is enabled.

Launch Day

On launch day, you'll need to head back to your Bonusly Integrations page and click on the Enable auto-invite button to activate and invite your users to your Bonusly account.

By enabling auto-invite, all future syncs with your HRIS will automatically activate and invite users added from the previous day.

💡 Pro tip: Use the Sync Now button to ensure your user list is updated with any changes before selecting Enable auto-invite on launch day!

If users were added to the HRIS after the nightly sync on launch day, then an Admin will need to trigger another sync before enabling the auto invite. If you do not trigger another sync, then the new users in the HRIS will not be activated and invited until the next nightly sync.

HRIS Platforms supported by Merge

Alexis HR



















Square Payroll

HR Cloud



HR Partner



Disabling auto-invite

Once Enable auto-invite is selected, then the option to Pause auto-invite will appear on the integrations page.

Pausing auto-invite means that new employees will not automatically be invited to Bonusly. This does not impact access to Bonusly for existing users.

Questions? Reach out to our support team using the green chat widget in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. They'll be happy to help! 🤗

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