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Zenefits Integration: How do I add contractors to Bonusly?
Zenefits Integration: How do I add contractors to Bonusly?

How to add contractors when using the Zenefits integration.

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It's easy to add contractors to your Bonusly account via the Zenefits integration. Contractors must be added to Zenefits if you want them to appear in Bonusly.

Adding a New Contractor

  1. Log in to Zenefits

  2. Click 'Contractors'

  3. Under 'Hire Contractor', fill out the contractor's information. Use their work email address.

  4. Update additional basic information about the contractor

After you've added the contractor in Zenefits:

  1. If the contractor doesn't yet appear in the list, trigger a fresh import by clicking 'user management integration' and then 'trigger a fresh import of employees from Zenefits'. (It can take several minutes for this sync to happen.)

  2. Once the contractor appears in the list, you can activate them.


If I add a contractor in Zenefits, do I have to pay them through Zenefits?

No. You can still pay them by whatever method works best for you. Adding a contractor to Zenefits does not obligate you to pay them through Zenefits.

I want to add non-USA contractors, can I do that?

Yes. Leave SSN blank. For address, either leave it blank or enter their international address.

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