Integrating Bonusly with Zenefits allows you to manage Bonusly user accounts for your entire team automatically. In only a couple clicks, you’ll be able to set your permission details, then sync your Zenefits employee roster to Bonusly.

First, make sure that you are signed into your Zenefits and Bonusly accounts. Then head over to the Zenefits integration page and click the 'Sync with Zenefits' button:

Next, click the 'Authorize' button:

We'll begin the import immediately:

Once your user list has generated, select the users you would like to activate and click the 'Activate Selected' button:

You can confirm that the user's account has been activated by checking the 'Status' column on the far right:

Need to deactivate users? Just select the users you would like to deactivate and click the 'Deactivate Selected' button instead.

Pro-Tip: Use the filtering feature in the top right corner of the page to sort users by location or department.

Stuck? Contact us at and we'll help you set up your Zenefits integration.

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