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How do I pay for Bonusly?
How do I pay for Bonusly?

Learn how billing works for Bonusly!

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Subscription billing overview

Bonusly subscription cost is determined by:


Subscription costs are billed annually starting on the first day of your service term. Payments for seat increases are prorated and are billed every 3 months on the last day of the month from their subscription start date.

If the user count is higher than the number of seats, you'll receive a true-up invoice with prorated charges for the difference of user count and seats for the remainder of your subscription term.

For Pro and Core annual accounts, “Subscription settings” will show:

  1. Subscription tier and term

  2. User count - Number of users in your account

  3. Seats - Number of Bonusly licenses purchased for duration of current term

  4. Next true-up date- If additional seats are required to support user count increase, you will be invoiced on this date

  5. Subscription renewal date

Pro Tip: You can check to see if additional seats charges are expected on your next invoice by are by comparing the user count and seats in “Subscription settings” on the Billing settings page. You have until the next true-up date to remove any additional users from your account, otherwise charges will apply for additional seats.

There is a per-user premium for monthly subscription billing. Charges are based on the user count or minimum quantity (whichever is greater) × monthly price per unit (seat).

For any questions about subscription billing or to learn more about enterprise and nonprofit pricing, send us a note to [email protected] to chat about these options!

Subscription FAQs

  1. How is current user count calculated?

    1. Current number of active users on Admin → Users → User accounts

  2. How are current billing units calculated?

    1. Units are the number of seats (Bonusly licenses) purchased

    2. For monthly subscriptions, seats equals user count and is trued-up at the end of each month

    3. For annual subscriptions, additional seats are trued-up every 3 months based on total number of additional seats needed to support user count increase in that period

  3. Is proration based on subscription start date or the general fiscal calendar?

    1. Subscription start date

Rewards billing overview

You only pay for rewards when employees redeem their Bonusly earnings (such as a gift card). You never pay for any unused monthly allowance budgets, and there are no markups on Bonusly rewards.

Your reward costs are determined by:

  • Monthly recognition allowances (we suggest starting with 100 points)

  • Giving rates (users typically give 60% of their monthly recognition allowances)

  • User redemptions

Use our Rewards Budgeting Calculator to get a better sense of what you can expect to spend.

Bonusly offers 3 different reward billing plans:

Pay-as-you-go Plan (Formerly Postpay by Credit Card)

Customers' credit cards are charged for the total value of reward redemptions plus 8% convenience fee when employees have claimed $100 or more in rewards. Said another way, customers' credit cards are charged for all redeemed rewards when their reward balance is -$100.

Payments will be auto-collected—meaning that if a valid credit card is on file that card will be automatically charged when the customer is invoiced.

Flex Plan (Formerly Prepay Credit Card)

Customers select a bill amount from preset options (see chart above). We recommend that your preset amount is approximately a 3 month budget for rewards. This helps prevents service interruptions for your employees if any updates or changes are needed.

When employees have redeemed 50% of the selected bill amount or more in rewards, customers' credit cards are charged the established total bill amount plus 5% convenience fee. Said another way, customers' credit cards are charged when their current rewards balance is half (or less) of their total bill amount.

Payments will be auto-collected—meaning that if a valid credit card is on file that card will be automatically charged when the customer is invoiced.

Fixed Plan (Formerly Prepay by Invoice)

On the fixed plan, customers must set a bill amount of $5,000 or more. The bill amount should be approximately 3 months budget for expected rewards redemptions.

When employees have redeemed 50% of the selected bill amount or more in rewards, an invoice will be triggered for the established total bill amount. Said another way, invoices are sent when your rewards balance is half (or less) of your total bill amount. There are no fees associated with the Fixed Plan.

Rewards billing invoices are sent to the email listed in “Account details”. Invoices must be paid via ACH or wire transfer from the customer’s banking service. Invoices should be paid promptly to avoid rewards catalog interruptions for employees. If a customer has an outstanding invoice (whether it’s a rewards invoice or subscription invoice), payment will be applied to the outstanding bill.

Note! Bonusly cannot guarantee a rewards billing payment will be applied to the rewards invoice if the customer has an outstanding subscription invoice. In this case, customers may experience rewards catalog interruptions until all outstanding invoices are paid.

Rewards FAQs

  1. Why am I being charged a convenience fee?

    1. Bonusly is taking on the payment liability for rewards that you redeem. In addition, there are fees associated with credit card payment. The 8% convenience fee you’re being charged includes credit card payment fee and an added fee for the risk we have assumed on your behalf.

  2. Can I customize my bill amount?

    1. You can select one of the preset options: $200 / $500 / $1,000 / $2,000 / $3,000 / $4,000 / $5,000 / $10,000 / $15,000 / $20,000.

How to add a payment method for subscription and rewards costs

Subscription and rewards costs are paid with the payment method you have on file in your Billing Settings. Admins with global or finance permissions can add payment methods under the Payment Method section. There are also options to manage reward billing settings, contact information, billing address, and even review your subscription plan.

​Learn more about frequently asked billing questions in this separate article:
FAQs about subscriptions and rewards billing.

Questions? Send us a note to [email protected]; we'd be happy to help!

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