It's easy to manage your payment information in Bonusly. There are two main actions you'll be taking here: Adding/Managing credit card info, and choosing an email address for billing.

Adding/Managing Credit Card Info

It's easy to add a credit card to Bonusly. Simply head over to the 'Company > Billing' page and click the ' + Add Credit Card' button:

*You need to have multiple cards on file in order to set a default and make any edits to credit card information. 

A dialogue will appear, allowing you to enter, or update the credit card you have on file with Bonusly. Just enter your information and click the blue 'Save Card' button.

Choose an Email Address for Billing

By default, Bonusly will send billing receipts to the email address used to open the account. If you want receipts to be sent to a different email address, you can enter that address here, then click the blue 'Update Billing Email' button:

Still need help? Shoot us a message at and we'll get you squared away! 

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