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Uncover opportunities to build connection and increase engagement among teams

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Feature Overview

The Connections Builder widget uses Bonusly’s powerful people analytics to provide visibility into employees’ strongest connections and uncovers opportunities to connect with colleagues they interact with less frequently.

Using the Connections Builder

The new Connections Builder widget is located on the left sidebar of the home page, beneath the Point Summary widget for all Bonusly users.

The widget displays a collection of team members designed to foster strong connections and build new ones across your company, including:

  • Strong Connections - Teammates that recognize each other often and have built a great connection, keep it going!

  • Team Connections - Teammates who share the same manager and have a chance to build deeper relationships within their team.

  • Department Connections - Cross-functional teammates who work in the same department and have the opportunity to highlight collective work.

  • Company Connections -Teammates across the company that maybe haven't worked together much and can build stronger relationships outside of their area of expertise.

Connecting with a teammate

To connect with a teammate in the Connections Builder widget, hover your cursor over any teammate's avatar for a snapshot of that person.

A pop-out will appear where you can:

  • View the history of recognition given and received between you and your teammate

  • Follow the teammate to enhance the relevancy of content that shows up in your recognition feed and notifications in Bonusly

  • Give recognition directly to your teammate and create new connections!

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