Bonusly keeps track of the points spent on custom rewards, but can't fulfill them automatically. Custom rewards (donations or otherwise) are managed and fulfilled* by you in whatever offline process is easiest for you. In this article, we'll cover how to fulfill custom rewards. *You must have Global or Rewards admin permissions in order to access this feature. 

Step 1: A user redeems for a custom reward

When a user redeems a custom reward, Bonusly notifies admins of the redemption by email. 

Step 2: Approving or declining the custom reward request

You can either approve or decline a custom reward request from the 'Pending' tab on the 'Reward Redemptions' page. To approve a request, click the green thumbs up icon. To decline a request, click the grey thumbs down icon:

Step 3: Fulfilling approved custom rewards

After you approved a custom reward, the user who requested it will be notified. You'll then need to fulfill the reward (make the donation, give out the t-shirt, or schedule the lunch with the leader, etc.).

If you declined the reward, the user will be notified that their request was declined, and the earnings they spent on the declined reward would be refunded.

Step 4: Keeping track of fulfillment

Once the reward has been fulfilled, check the 'Fulfilled?' box on the 'Manage Rewards' page. This will record that the reward has been fulfilled. This is an easy way to keep track of which approved custom rewards have been fulfilled, and which haven't. 

That's all there is to it! 🎉 You've now fulfilled a custom reward from your catalog. 

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