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Learn how to update your personal details like photo, preferred first name and more.
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You can update your personal details like preferred first name and avatar (profile picture) from the basic settings page. Be sure to click "Update Account" when you're done making your changes.

Overview of the settings page for every user's profile, where you can edit name, email, avatar.

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  • Why can't I edit my information? If your Bonusly admin uses an HRIS/HRMS integration, you'll see your information displayed but won't be able to change it. To change the information on Bonusly, your admin will  need to make changes within the HRIS/HRMS program. 

  • How do I edit my displayed name? Your Bonusly admin would be able to make those changes. The displayed name is tied to a username field. If it is blank, the default displayed name will be your email before the domain portion. Your Bonusly admin can visit our article on editing an individual user for more information.

  • What is the preferred first name option? Your preferred first name will change how your name is displayed to your colleagues. This is useful if you prefer a nickname or shortening of your legal name. We'll use whatever you put here in place of the first name your admin set for you. 

  • Does the avatar have to be a square? While you can upload an image of any dimensions, we'll automatically adjust your image to be a square. We highly recommend uploading a square image to prevent any warping or cropping you don't want. 

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