How do point balances work?

Learn how your monthly allowance points and earnings points work.

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In Bonusly, there are two types of point balances:

1. Your monthly allowance

These points can only be given away to your colleagues. They are automatically refreshed on the first of each month. At the end of the month, any points you haven't given out will expire.

Example: You start January with 200 points to give out. Throughout January, you give out 25 of those points. On February 1, you start fresh with 200 points (not 375). 

2. Your earnings balance

These are the points that you receive from your colleagues. They can be spent on rewards from your company's reward catalog. Your spending balance never expires - you can save it up indefinitely.

Example: You start January with zero points from your colleagues. Throughout January, you receive 270 points from your colleagues. You spend 50 of those points on a gift card in January. At the beginning of February, you will have 220 points in your spending balance.

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