Claiming an Award

Learn how to claim an award you're eligible for!

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You've completed the project, reached the goal, did the deed! Now it's time to proudly announce your success and claim the Award! 🎉 

After you have logged into Bonusly, go to Awards, found on the left side of your screen:

Then, select the award you're eligible to claim: 

A "Claim this Award" modal will appear. In the description box, provide the required reason (and documentation as needed):

Then, select "Claim this Award":

If your request goes through properly, you will see the following confirmation: 

That's it! 🎉 An admin will review and either approve or deny your claim to the award. 

If the award is approved, you will receive the bonus: 

If the award is denied, you will receive an email notification: 

If your award is denied, please contact the admin(s) listed in the email notification about their decision to deny the award. 


Where is my Claimable Award? If you have yet to receive your Claimable Award, please contact your company admins for further details. They can best assist as to the company guidelines and frequency of pending claim reviews.

Why was my bonus denied? If your bonus was denied, please contact the admins listed in the notification email you received. They will be able to assist you further. 

Why does the award say "out of stock"? If the claimable award you are trying to redeem is at the monthly limit, you will see an "out of stock" notification. The award will refresh to the monthly amount again at the beginning of the next calendar month.

I have a question about eligibility for a Claimable award, who can help? Each individual Claimable award is set up by your company admins. Please contact them for further details regarding: eligibility, proof and/or documentation needed, frequency of claim availability, etc. 

Questions about setting up your Claimable Awards? Contact us at[email protected]!

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