What are Achievements?

Learn about how Achievements are earned and how they work!

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Achievements are automatically given for top bonuses within teams and for the whole company. 🎉 

There are two achievement types in Bonusly: 

  • Top Bonus: This achievement is awarded to the person who received the most single-recipient bonuses in the last 30 days. This achievement can be earned for your team, or for the entire company. 

  • Best Bonus: This achievement is awarded to the person whose bonus had the most users add-on to it, in the last 7 days. This achievement can be earned for your team, or for the entire company. 

What can you learn by looking at an achievement? 

  • The timeframe the achievement was earned for:

  • Who previously held the title: 

  • If you click on the bonus of the user who previously had the title, you can see the entire history of the Achievement, and who it has gone to: 

That's it! 👍  Read further for an FAQ on how Achievements are generated, accessed, and more! 🎉 


How do you access the achievements? Currently, achievements can only be accessed in the bonus feed, or in the email sent to the recipients who have earned the achievement. 

How long can you hold the achievement? An achievement can only be held for 30 days. After 30 days the achievement will go to another recipient, even if you're still in the lead. 

Why can I only hold the achievement for 30 days? Once an achievement is earned, it doesn't go away; you're not losing your title! Typically there is enough activity within a company during a 30 day period that the achievement would be passed on anyways. However, if it is held for 30 days, we do want to share the spotlight among the team and company. We believe in sharing recognition and appreciation of everyone's good work. 

You can get an achievement for the whole company or your team; but how are teams calculated? Teams are considered 3 or more people that fall into the same department or all report to the same person. You can see the teams your company has by going to Analytics > Leaderboard, and choosing sorting from the "Entire Company" option at the top right of the page. If teams are derivative (meaning it has 80% or more of the same users as another team), then it is not generated. 

Ex: You won't get an achievement for the Team A department if only 19% of the users in that department are different from the Team B department. But if 20% or more the Team A department's users are different from the Team B department's users then Team A would be eligible for achievements.

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