Are your coworkers doing so many awesome things you ran out of giving allowance? That's OK. You can spend your earnings to purchase additional giving allowance anytime.

Unlike your standard giving allowance, the allowance boost reward does roll over into the next month if you don't spend it, and your purchased allowance boost will not be spent until your standard allowance is exhausted.

Purchasing an allowance boost

Head over to your company's reward catalog, and look for the 'Allowance Boost' reward. You'll find it along with the gift cards. Click 'buy' and choose the amount of points you'd like to spend:

Once you've selected an amount, click the green 'get reward' button.

A new window will populate with a message asking if you are sure you'd like to purchase the Allowance Boost. Click the green 'Yes, I'm sure' button.

The allowance boost reward you purchased will now appear in your 'Recent Rewards' section, and you'll have additional allowance to give to your colleagues.

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