User data is never destroyed in Bonusly. Archiving a user in Bonusly will simply de-activate their account and disable their ability to log into the system.

Archiving a user will not delete the information associated with their account. Their current balance, the bonuses they've given, the comments they've made, and the bonuses they've received will remain untouched.

Important note: archived users do not count towards your subscription headcount. 

There are many reasons you might need to archive a user in Bonusly, and it's easy to do. Simply head over to the 'User Admin' page and click the 'Archive User' button (little trashcan icon):

Bonusly will double-check to make sure you really want to archive that user. If you do, just click 'OK' and they'll be archived. (Don't worry -- you can restore an archived user anytime.)

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