Are you signing a new company up for Bonusly? You're in the right place. 

(If you're trying to sign up for your company's account, head over here.)

Start by heading over to this page and clicking the green 'Get Started' button on the top right.

First, enter your email address.

We'll check first to make sure we got your company name right. If we didn't, you can edit it here.

Then, let us know your name.

Next, you'll choose a password.

Great. This next step is important: Do you have any colleagues that you'd like to invite? (You can add up to 8 users without paying a subscription fee.)

(Tip: you don't need to have everyone's email address memorized. You can just copy the link at the bottom of the page, and give the link to anyone you'd like to invite.)

Just a bit more basic info about your company, and we're ready to go.

That's it!

You're all signed up for Bonusly. Feel free to explore the system as much as you'd like. There's nothing you can break, and no settings you can ruin, so have fun!

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