The 'Welcome Bot' will automatically give a bonus to each new user when you add them to Bonusly. This can be a really great way to announce and welcome new teammates, and helps new teammates get off to a fun start because they earned a bonus for making the very smart decision to join your team!! The bonus will appear in the bonus feed, which allows the rest of your team to meet their new teammate and add on to the bonus if they would like.

The welcome bot comes automatically installed with your Bonusly account, and is pre-programmed with a sensible welcome message and bonus amount. To make adjustments to the welcome bot, head over to this page.

To edit the messaging or amount of your welcome bot, click the pencil icon on the right:

A pop-up will appear that allows you edit the welcome text and amount.

To edit the amount, remove bonus_amount and replace it with the point or dollar amount you would like to use and then click the 'Save' button:

You’ll see that the welcome bot is active. To deactivate the welcome bot, click the pause button on the right:

Now the bot is inactive:


Where do the bonus points come from? These points come directly from the company, and not an individual user’s allowance balance.

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