We're sorry to hear that you want to leave Bonusly, but we understand that the timing might not be right for your team.

How do I cancel my company's Bonusly account?

To cancel your company's Bonusly account simply email a cancellation request to support@bonus.ly and we can schedule your account closure.

What happens when my account is canceled?

All logins are immediately disabled and users will no longer be able to access their accounts or redeem rewards. You may wish to communicate this to your team in advance so that they are able to redeem any unused points and retrieve any unused rewards they've already redeemed.

Within 48 hours of your cancellation date:

  • Any unpaid rewards will be billed to the card on file. You can see pending invoice charges for reward redemptions on this page.
  • A prorated subscription charge will be billed to the card on file. This will cover the subscription fee from the 1st of the current month to the day of cancellation.

These may appear as two separate charges on your card.

If you need to access previously redeemed rewards or information from your account in the future, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@bonus.ly.

How do I restore my account?

We're happy to have you back! Contact support@bonus.ly and we'll reinstate your account right away.

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