If you forgot your password, or want to change your current password, you can request a password reset from this page. *You will need to be signed out in order to request/change your password.

Just enter the email address you use to sign in to Bonusly, and click the green 'Send for help!' button. You'll receive an email with a link and some instructions in it.

You should see this password reset email (pictured below) in your inbox. Click the 'Change my password' link in the email. If you can't find it, check other folders, including your spam folder!

The link will take you to the page pictured below. Enter your new password, then enter it one more time to make sure you didn't mess up the first time. Then click the green 'Change my password' button.

That's it -- you've changed your password. Great job! 🎉 

Still having trouble getting into your account? Send us a message at support@bonus.ly and we'll help you out!

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