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Bonusly Recognition Programs
Updated over a week ago

Learn how to set up and manage Recognitions to help boost employee engagement.

Recognition programs are an easy way for admins to manage company-to-employee recognition and create opportunities for employees to actively pursue goals. πŸŽ‰

We'll review:

  • The three types of Recognition Programs in Bonusly: Awards, Celebrations, Incentives

  • Creating and customizing new Recognitions

  • How to give out Awards, Celebrations, Incentives

  • How employees can claim Awards, Celebrations, Incentives

  • Using the Pending page to review claims

  • Helpful resources to help you get the most of your Bonusly account

✏️ Activity: Now it's your turn! Go to your Awards, Celebrations & Incentives page to update your Bonusly account and click Save Settings to save your changes.

Here are some helpful resources to learn more about the different types of Bonusly Awards: ​What are Bonusly Awards, Celebrations and Incentives?

Next up Learn how to manage your Rewards Catalog in your Bonusly account to get you ready for launch!
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