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Why should I implement peer recognition?
Why should I implement peer recognition?
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Effective employee recognition can have a dramatic effect on employee motivation, productivity and retention. Unfortunately, many traditional forms of recognition β€” years-of-service awards, employee-of-the-month, certificates of achievement β€” are not effective.

Research by Bersin & Associates identified 5 criteria for an effective employee recognition program:

  1. Recognize specific results and behaviors

  2. Peer-to-peer, not top-down

  3. Share recognition publicly

  4. Make recognition easy and frequent

  5. Tie recognition to company values & goals

In the same research, recognition programs that met this criteria were shown to reduce turnover by 31%. Click here to read the article.

Behavioral economics research by Dan Ariely strongly suggests that peer recognition can be a significant motivator in the workplace. Click here to download the presentation.

Bonusly is the simplest, most effective peer-to-peer recognition platform on the market. It's free to try!

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