Signing up for Bonusly is easy, and only takes a minute or two. Start by heading over to this page and clicking the green 'Get Started' button.

Entering your work email address and click the green 'Sign up for free' button:

Are you joining your company's account? If you signed up using your work email address, you should see an option to join your company. I work at Bonusly, so that's the one I would choose:

(Don't choose the 'Create a new company' option unless you're really trying to create an entirely new company.)

So far so good! You should see a message like this:

Check your email to confirm your account. You should see an email that looks like this in your inbox. Click the big blue button to confirm you're really you.

Last step: Configure your account. Clicking the blue button will take you to this page, where you can set your name and password:

That's it, you're signed up! 🎉 You can start using Bonusly right away. 

What, you thought it was going to be harder than that?

Still need help signing up? Shoot us a message at and we'll get you squared away! 

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