Intended Audience: Admins users.

As users with admin access, you will see and be able to access different features compared to other users without admin access.

Home page 🏠

On the Bonusly home page, there are three differences to point out:

  1. Admins will have an additional set of navigation options in the navigation menu

  2. A setup guide may be present to help with various areas of setup for admins

  3. A chat icon bubble will be located on the bottom right-hand side of Bonusly, allowing you to directly search for help center articles and message our support team

Example of an admin user's home page:

Admin user's example view of their home page, showing an additional admin navigation menu, a setup guide, and chat icon bubble feature.

Example of a non-admin user's home page:

A normal user without admin access will not have an Admin navigation menu, but still have access to the help center, and will not have a direct chat icon bubble.

Non-admin users are still able to find our help center with the help center icon and link. Although non-admin users don't have the chat icon bubble feature, they can still connect with our support team by emailing [email protected] or sending a chat message through the Help Center.

Integrations 🔗

When non-admin users click on 'Integrations' they have the ability to maximize how and where they can use Bonusly, such as downloading the Bonusly app on Android and iPhone. There is also access to code and write your own integration or add a Bonusly widget to your company site or web tool.

Pointing out the Integrations section on the navigation menu on the left hand side, along with some overall non-admin user options to integrate Bonusly such as downloading the mobile app on Android and iPhone.

Admin users will have additional integration options on top of what all users have access to! This includes integration options such as:

  • Chat integrations - Link Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more

  • Kiosk mode - Launch this mode to allow multiple users to use one device safely for giving recognition

  • Single sign-on - Enable and set up SSO

  • HRIS/HRMS - Connect with HRIS/HRMS software (such as Workday, BambooHR, and more) to automatically sync user information via SFTP

The Admin integration options are highlighted, showing there are additional options like chat integration with Slack for example, and a kiosk mode.
Additional Admin integration options highlighted including single sign-on and SFTP HRIS/HRMS software integration for syncing user information with Bonusly.

Log in to Bonusly and go to the 'Integrations' section to find all the latest integration options available for your team! 🙌

Signals 📡

Admin users will be shown an additional navigation menu with the ability to create surveys, develop templates, and view results for surveys.

Admins will have an additional navigation menu when in the Signals feature allowing to see results, build surveys and templates.

Non-admin users will be able to view and respond to any surveys are sent.

A normal user's view will not have the additional Admin navigation menu and will only see surveys they are sent and can respond to.

Note: Signals is a Pro account feature.

Questions? Send a note to [email protected], we'd be happy to chat! 🤗

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