What is a user management integration?

A user management integration will keep your Bonusly user-list in sync. This is a great way to reduce the administrative overhead of your employee recognition program. As you add, edit or remove employees internally, your Okta integration will make the corresponding changes in Bonusly. 🎉This Okta integration is separate from the Single Sign-On integration, which you can learn more about here

How does the user management integration with Okta work?

The Okta user management integration is done via API. You can view our API documentation here

Here is a list of the actionable items you can accomplish with this integration: 

  • Creating users
  • Activate deactivated users
  • Update user information

The attributes you can send to the API when creating or updating a user are names defined by SCIM. We map those attributes to the corresponding fields on our User model.

Below is a list of SCIM  attributes accepted by our API, followed by the field on User that they map to:

  • userName  => email 
  • name.givenName → first_name
  • name.familyName → last_name
  • urn:scim:schemas:extension:enterprise:1.0.department → custom_properties.department
  • urn:scim:schemas:extension:bonusly:1.0:User.location → custom_properties.location

What does the integration process look like? 

1. Create an API access token: 

To integrate Bonusly and Okta you must have an API access token* for an active Bonusly account. You can learn more about creating an API access token here

*If you decide to create a read-only token your integration will not be able to create, update, activate, or deactivate users in Bonusly.

2. Add the API access token in Okta:

In the “General” tab of the Bonusly app page, click on “Integration” and enter your Bonusly API access token. Select "Save".

3. Edit Integration set up: 

Next, click on “To App” and check the checkboxes for “Create Users”, “Update Users”, and “Deactivate Users” to enable those actions. Select "Save". 

4. Set up the integration in Bonusly

Finally, in the “Sign On” tab click on “Application username format” and select “Email” from the dropdown. Select "Save".

That's it! 👍 Okta will now provide automated user management for your users in Bonusly. Hooray! 🎉

I need help or I still have more questions. 

For technical help, troubleshooting or other questions, please contact your Bonusly account manager or support@bonus.ly. 

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