How to Configure SAML SSO with ADFS
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2. Click on SAML

3. Fill in the following information:

4. Set up Relying Party in ADFS: 

Endpoint Tab

Advanced Tab

Identifiers Tab

Relying party identifier should be your SP issuer within Bonusly as found on your Integrations > SAML page.

5. Set up Claim Rules in ADFS:

Claim rules should be ordered so that the "Get email" rule comes before the "Email to NameID" rule.

Get email rule

Email/nameID Transform

6. Testing Single Sign On

Once you've configured SSO, you can test it as followed:

IdP-initiated SSO:

  1. Log out of Bonusly

  2. Log in to your IdP (e.g. Okta, OneLogin, etc)

  3. Click on the Bonusly app in your app panel

SP-initiated SSO:

  1. Log out of Bonusly

  2. Visit the URL (where APP_ID is the "App Id" provided on the SSO configuration page in Bonusly)

Restricting Login Methods

Once you have tested SSO and verified that it is working, you can restrict sign on methods for your Bonusly account to require that users authenticate via SSO. This is more secure and makes it so that your employees don’t need to remember passwords for Bonusly.

To restrict to SAML SSO only:

  1. Click “Show advanced settings”.

  2. Check “Restrict to Single Sign On”.

  3. Save Settings

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