Adding a charity as a Custom Reward

Learn how to add a charity of your choice as a custom reward!

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Bonusly is constantly working on expanding our rewards options, including donation options. However, with so many wonderful charities out there, we understand that getting a donation set up ASAP is important! 

Adding charities as a custom reward is a great way to give to the charity of your company's choice, and it's easy to set up and manage.

Researching charities and logistics

You'll want to research the charity and how your company would like to handle donations. 

Some questions to keep in mind:

  • Can donations be given online?

  • Are donations restricted to a certain amount?

  • Does an admin want to make a donation every time a user redeems for the reward, wait until a certain amount has been redeemed, or process redemptions periodically (weekly, monthly, etc.)?

Remember, since these are custom rewards, how you manage them is entirely up to you. 

Once those questions have been answered, all that is left is to set up a custom reward! 🎉 

Setting up and fulfilling Custom Rewards 

First, you'll add your charity as a custom reward. You can read more about how to add a custom reward in the following article:

Dialogue pop-up after clicking on New Custom Reward button prompting admin to fill in fields for the reward.

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Make sure the number of points is equivalent to the donation amount in your Bonusly currency.

  • Add the charity's logo or brand imagery to the reward! 

  • Linking to the website and/or providing a description of the charity is encouraged.

  • It's helpful to add information about how the donation will be made into the description box.

*Feature tip: Using the inventory feature is a great way of tracking how many donations have been made and suspends redemption availabilities until it's refilled!

Once users redeem for the custom reward, it will be time to make a donation on their behalf! Refer to the following article that will guide you through how to fulfill and keep track of custom rewards in Bonusly:

Have any questions about setting up charities as custom rewards? Contact us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help!

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