In this article, you'll learn what our Bonusly bot can do for you in Hangouts Chat. When you add the Bonusly bot to a Hangouts Chat room, it will announce bonuses, give bonuses, and provide help! If you haven't already, follow the steps to in our "Integrating Bonusly with Hangouts Chat" article to get Hangouts Chat ready to bonus! 🎉 

Giving a Bonus:

With the Hangouts Chat Bonusly bot, you can give a bonus right from the comfort of your workflow. Start by getting the Bonusly bot's attention by typing @Bonusly:

Now you can type out your bonus! Bonuses follow a specific formula:

  1. +amount-of-points: Enter the amount of points you would like to bonus.

  2. @user-you're-bonusing : Identify who(m) you'd like to bonus.

  3. Reason for bonus : This is how you so your appreciation!

  4. #don't-forget-the-hashtag : Give the company value that is best embodied by your co-workers hard work. 

All together, the formula looks like: 

@Bonusly +amount-of-points @user Reason for bonus #don't-forget-the-hashtag


When typed out as an actual bonus, it will read like this:

@Bonusly +10 @elisse test #test

Once you hit enter, the Bonusly bot will post the bonus for you!

Getting help:

The Bonusly bot in Hangouts Chat can helpfully remind you of the bonus format and how many points you have left, as well as which users you can give bonuses to. 

  • To get a reminder of the bonus formula and your remaining points, simply enter @Bonusly help, and the bot will reply with the information:

  • To find out which users you can bonus, enter @Bonusly users, and the bot will show you the user list: 

Adding on to a bonus: 

You can't add directly on to another bonus inside of Hangouts Chat. However, if you select "Add On", you'll be directed back to Bonusly where you can add on to the bonus. 👍 

That's it! You're all set to use our Bonusly + Hangouts Chat integration and give bonuses to your coworkers right in the workflow! Check out our FAQ below for any other questions you may have. Happy Bonusing! 🎉 


Can I DM the Bonusly bot to send a bonus?

The Hangouts Chat Bonusly bot will not give a bonus from a direct message. It does not handle direct messages, and will send a denial:

Still have questions about using the Hangouts Chat + Bonusly integration? Shoot us a message at and we'll get you squared away! 

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