There are several easy ways to invite your colleagues to join you on Bonusly:

  1. Add them during signup
  2. Add them using Bonusly's 'User Admin' tool
  3. Send them a copy of your company's unique invite link

(Tip: Contact us at if you're adding more than 30 users at once -- we'll add them automatically for you on your preferred start date.)

Adding users through Bonusly's user admin tool

From the user admin page, you can add one user at a time or add multiple users in bulk.

To add one user at a time, click the 'add users' button at the top-left of the page:

A dialogue will appear, allowing you to enter the new user's information. Once you click the 'save' button, they'll receive an email invitation to join your account.

(Tip: 'Department' [ex: Marketing] and 'Location' [ex: Chicago] are optional.)

To add multiple users in bulk, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Sending users a copy of your company's unique invite link

At the very bottom of the 'User Admin' page, you'll see a link a 'Copy Link' button beside it. Just click the 'Copy Link' button, and share the link with anyone you'd like to invite to your account.

(Tip: You must have 'Auto-Join' enabled for your company's unique invite link to appear.)

Still need help inviting your colleagues? Shoot us an email at!

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