There are several reasons there are no private or anonymous bonuses on Bonusly:

  1. Private bonuses allow a user to exploit anonymity to game the system. Public bonuses, with public givers, are much less prone to collusion and other shadiness (since they're viewable for everyone). Because everyone in your organization can see the bonuses you're giving, it requires more effort to 'game the system' than it does to give genuine recognition.
  2. The psychological benefit of the bonuses is much greater when the giver is not anonymous, as it means the giver was moved to attach his or her name to public praise for the receiver.
  3. Public bonuses help foster a culture of praise in the workplace by incentivizing recognition.
  4. Public bonuses provide other employees with examples of great work to emulate.

If you're interested in learning more about this subject, we recently published in-depth articles on the importance of visible recognition, and the benefits of organizational transparency on our blog.

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