Now that you know how to give a bonus, let's look at some ways that you can make your bonus even more special! This article will show you how to:

  • Give an entire team a bonus 

  • Tag someone in a bonus

  • Add an Emoji

  • Add a GIF 

  • Add an Image 

  • Add a Hyperlink 

Give an entire team a bonus:

Your team really rocked a presentation and you want to recognize everyone on the team. Giving a bonus to a specific group, department, or location is super easy!

First, click the multi user icon:

A dropdown will appear with the group names. Select the team you would like to give the bonus to:

*If you don't see the group you'd like to give to, start typing the group's name and it will appear.

Then, the usernames of everyone in that group will populate in your give field: 

Tag someone in a bonus:

Your teammate did something awesome and you want to make sure their boss sees the recognition you send. You can tag your teammate's boss to send them a notification of the bonus. When you tag a person, it does not give that person points. 

To tag someone in your bonus just click the tag icon: 

*The '&' symbol means a user is tagged and will not be bonused. You can type “&” in the bonus field as a shortcut to start a tag.

The posted bonus will have both names highlighted, but only Pepper received the bonus:

Add an emoji to your bonus:

Who doesn't love a fun emoji? 😁 🎉 To add an emoji to your bonus, click the "smile" icon.

You'll then be able to pick from the drop-down or start typing the name of the emoji you would like to add to your bonus:

The emoji picture will be written out in letters. Don't worry, when you post a bonus, it will show the picture! 

Here is what the bonus will look like with the emoji(s):

Add a GIF to your bonus:

Sometime words just aren't enough to express your gratitude. If that's the case, click the "GIF" button on the bottom of the give box: 

A small window will pop up with a text box. To search for the perfect GIF, type the words you would like to convey!  For example, I wanted to thank Elle and Himmie for their hard work:

The GIF will now appear in the bonus box in parenthesis.

 When you actually give the bonus, the GIF image will show on the timeline, and be animated: 

Add an image to your bonus:

Want to add a picture to enhance your bonus? Images can be great to show off the hard work your colleagues are doing to the entire team. 

You can attach an image three different ways:

  1. Drag and drop the image into the bonus field.

  2. Copy and paste the image into the bonus field. 

  3. Manually find and add the image, by clicking the "upload an image" button:

-Select the image from your computer you would like to add:

We'll add your image to your bonus message as text:

After you click the 'Give' button, the feed will show the bonus with the picture you've selected! 🎉 

Adding a hyperlink to your bonus is an easy way to refer back to the reason of why you are giving a bonus, so the rest of the team can see the excellent work that inspired the bonus.

 First you will want to highlight the words you would like to add the hyperlink to. 

Next select the hyperlink icon. This puts the word(s) you want to hyperlinked into [brackets], and generates a field that looks like this: (url)!

Paste the link inside of the (parenthesis).

Once you bonus your teammate, the link will disappear and the words you highlighted will show as hyperlinked in the bonus. If you click on the hyperlinked words, it will take you to the linked page! 🎉 

*Pro-pro-tip: you can also use the cmd+k shortcut to add a hyperlink

Now you can go beyond just words and have fun with your bonuses! 🎉 If you want to learn more about how to write an inspiring bonus, take a look at our article about how to give a great bonus

Having trouble adding an image? A link? Anything else? Send us an email at and we'll be glad to help you out!

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