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In Signals, you can use the nominations template to support your employee nominations program or specific use cases where nominating an employee is appropriate!

We've prebuilt this template to use for nominations so you can quickly and easily get this out to your team. Even though it's prebuilt, you have the capability of customizing the template's content and setup so it becomes the perfect nominations survey form! 🤩

We'll be covering how to:

Build your nominations survey form from our template ⚙️

To get started, log in to Bonusly and click on "Signals" in the Admin navigation menu. 👇

Selecting the Signals link in the admin navigation menu on the left side of the home page of Bonusly.

a GIF showing the Signals link in the admin navigation menu being clicked on in order to go to the main Signals admin page.

Scroll through and select the "Nominations" template from the template library. This will turn the template into its own survey draft.

A GIF showing the Nominations template being selected in order to create a custom survey form for nominations.

Make any edits necessary to the setup section. The following components are a part of the setup:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Sender (optional)

  • Recipients

  • Reviewers

  • Recognition (optional)

  • Anonymity

  • Scheduling

Refer to our article on How to set up and send a survey in Signals for a more detailed breakdown of each component.

The setup, tittle, and description highlighted to point out how the setup is at the top, and the title and description are key components to edit when setting up the nominations survey.

Two components to pay attention to is the Title and Description. The title is what your employees will see. Consider changing the title to the name of your nomination program. The second is the description, which will show up alongside the title. Give a brief explanation fo what this nomination survey is and give your employees a call to action to fill out the form.

Pro tip: You can determine the duration of the nomination survey form in the Scheduling component of the Setup. For example, if you do a monthly nomination program, you can schedule a new nominations survey form to go out at the start of the month and be closed at the end of a month. Results will not be available to review until the survey is closed. This is designed to help protect anonymity.

Scheduling component in the setup being shown, where admin can enter when the survey opens and when it closes so results can be viewed.

If you want to change around any of the questions or other content being asked, go to the Content section. You will be able to move, change, add, and delete any content.

A GIF showing the content section being clicked on in order to make any changes to the questions being asked.

Use our article on How to set up and send a survey in Signals to understand how to make changes to content and what options are available.

You have the ability to preview your nominations survey form in the Content and Publish sections. Just click on the "Preview" button and it will show you what the form will look like when published. The first thing you should see is the title, description, and when you have to respond by, which will lead into the questions being asked to nominate someone.

The nominations survey being previewed showing the title, description, and respond by date.

When all sections of the nominations survey form have turned green, you will be able to click "Review and Publish" to review one more time before it goes live! Just click "Publish" once everything looks good!

All sections of the survey creation (content, setup, notify, and publish) are showing green dots above, indicating the admin can click the review and publish button at the bottom right.

And that's it! You've just created your own employee nominations survey form to complement all the peer-to-peer recognition happening through Bonusly! 🎊

Viewing results 📊

When your nominations survey form has closed, you'll see a red notification dot with the number of surveys ready for review in your Signals toolbar.

Red notification dot showing with the number of new survey results showing in the admin navigation menu.

Pro tip: You can select who can view responses to a survey using the Reviewers card when setting up your signal. If no reviewers are assigned, a survey will default to all Signals Admins as reviewers. 👀

Refer to our article on How to review the results of a survey in Signals for more details.

Deciding on the who you select as the recipients of your nomination program is entirely up to you. The nominations survey form can be used as a tool to provide you with information. After deciding, you can us Bonusly as a way to award your selected nominees.

Awarding your selected nominees 🏆

Once you've reviewed the results and responses, it's time to award your selected nominees! One way to do that is by giving them recognition points! Creating a manual award can allow your selected nominees to be recognized by an award name. 🏅

Review our article on How to set up Manual Awards to learn about setting up the awards in a way that works best for your team.

The create an award modal opened up to begin filling in the award name, avatar, budget, budget period, and if the award should be a template.

Setting up the manual award so it's tied to your nomination program allows you to set a point budget for the award, making it easy to give your selected nominees recognition points.

Review our article on How to give a Manual Award to understand the steps to take when you are ready to distribute the award(s) to one or multiple recipients!

You can give manual awards as the award. You can even give to a group of employees at once if you set up the award as a template when creating the manual award. 🤯

Example of recognition being given out as a manual award where the giver is not the user's name but the award's name.

A published recognition post where the receiver is recognized with a manual award given by proxy from an admin.


What if I want to award my selected nominees with a physical award instead of giving recognition through Bonusly?

You can skip creating and giving a manual reward. Instead, take the results from the nominations survey form, select your recipients, and give the physical award at your company's own discretion. Or maybe, consider doing both a manual reward in Bonusly and a physical reward! 😉

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