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Setting Anonymity

How does Recognition impact anonymity?

Viewing Results

Filtering Surveys

Setting Anonymity

During setup, admins have the ability to set anonymity for a survey.

The anonymity window shown in the setup section of a Signals survey, with the default setting set to on.

If anonymity is "on," respondents' names will not be recorded with their responses.

If anonymity is "off," respondents' names will be recorded with their responses

Turning anonymity on will impact an admins' ability to filter results. We are committed to respecting privacy and encouraging open and honest responses in surveys.

How does Recognition impact anonymity?

If enabled, users will receive recognition when they complete and submit a survey.

In order to ensure anonymity, we've made sure that all of the responses are mixed on the results page so that no one can go back and track responses based on recognition received. Real-time recognition is a great way to encourage participation. If a user sees that others are responding to a Signal, it can be a good reminder for them to do the same!

Viewing Results

Results of any survey are not available until it is closed and all responses are collected. Admins and reviewers cannot access responses until the close date. Learn more about reviewing a signal in this article.

Filtering Surveys

In Disclosed surveys, reviewers will have the ability to select from our filter options, even ones with unique values, and see the impact of those filters on the results. Any blank filter data points will be grouped into a "None" Category.

Anonymous filter options when viewing the results of a Signals survey, showing how there will be values shown if there are two or more selectable values while all other values will be grouped as other.

In Anonymous surveys, reviewers can only select from filter options that do not have unique values. Anonymity is protected when:

  • Options that have two or more selectable values will be shown, and all other values will be grouped under an "Other" category to protect anonymity.

  • A reviewer creates a filter combination that results in 3 or fewer data points. An error message will be shown advising that the information cannot be displayed due to anonymity risk. The export option of any CSV data at this stage would be blocked as well.

    An anonymity risk error message is shown when a reviewer creates a filter combination that results in three or less data points.
  • The entire population has the same datapoint, the filter option will not be available.

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