Our survey feature, Signals, is available for all Bonusly Pro accounts. Bonusly Signals helps you tune in to what matters most to your employees, making it easy to gather, understand, and act on employee feedback! πŸŽ‰

It’s easy to get started! πŸ™Œ Global, Finance, and Rewards Admins will see a new Signals link in the Admin toolbar. No other team members will see a link for Signals until the feature is enabled. Signals can only enabled on by Global Admins.

To enable, click on the SIGNALS link in the Admin toolbar to head to the Signals home page.

Here, you can opt-in by clicking Enable Signals or get more information by clicking on Learn more. Clicking on Enable Signals will automatically enable Signals for your company and give you Signals admin permissions to start using the feature right away! ✨

When Signals is turned on, all users will see a SIGNALS link in their user tools. This is where your team can respond to surveys that have been sent to them.

Signals Admin Permissions

The Global Admin who enables Signals can assign admin permissions for other team members to create, send, and review surveys with the edit button on the Users > Manage page. Learn more about how to turn on admin permissions in this article.


How do I set up a Signal?

Check out this article to learn how to set up and schedule a signal.

How do I respond to a Signal?

Learn how to respond to a signal in this article.

Questions? Send us a note to support@bonus.ly and we’d be happy to chat! πŸ€—

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