Once a survey is complete and responses are submitted, Signals admins can review the results to better understand and act on employee feedback! 🎉

💡 Note: The results of a survey will not be available for review until it is in the sent state, which means it is closed and responses are no longer being collected. If some responses are collected prior to the closing date, they will not be available to review until the survey is closed. This is designed to help protect anonymity.

Reviewing a survey

To review the results of a survey, start by clicking on the "SIGNALS" link in the admin tools.

This link will direct you to your Signals > Surveys page where you can create new surveys and review and edit all surveys you've created. Check out this article for more on how to set up a Signal.

When you have a new results to review, you'll see a red notification dot with the number of surveys ready for review in your Signals toolbar.

Pro tip: You can select who can view responses of a survey using the Reviewers card when setting up your signal. If no reviewers are assigned, a survey will default to all Signals Admins as reviewers. 👀

To see the list of surveys waiting for you to review, click on Results in the Signals Admin tools, which will take you to your result overview page. At the top, you'll see a card under Recent Results showing the most recent survey available to review. Click on the card to review the survey data.

You can review all surveys assigned to you in the Everything section. Click on the Results Ready card to expand and see surveys ready for review.

Pro tip: You can easily filter and sort your surveys as well as change your view by clicking on the options at the top of the Results Ready card. ✨

Next, click on the survey you'd like to review.

On the results overview page you can review the responses of the selected survey. Here you'll see a snapshot of the Big Picture data including:

  • Sent - number of recipients the survey was sent to

  • Started - number of recipients who started the survey

  • Submitted - number of responses submitted

  • Response Rate - percentage of how many responses you received vs. how many surveys you sent out.

You'll also see a break down of the results for each question in the Question by Question section.

To save the data and send to others for review click on the Export .CSV button at the top of the page to download a report instantly! 🙌

Questions? Send a note to support@bonus.ly, we'd be happy to chat! 🤗

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