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Learn how to customize your reports to include only the information you need.

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In Bonusly, most reports can be filtered by date range. This makes it easy to pull reports about your team's performance in the last quarter, for instance. To start a report, head to the 'Manage Bonuses' page, and use one of the following filter options that best fits your needs: “All Time”, by month, or set a specific date range. 

Filtering by month or ‘All Time’

At the top of the screen, you'll see a drop-down menu where you can specify a specific month, or 'All Time.' All Time will display all relevant data since your account was created.

Filtering by specific dates

You can specify custom date ranges by clicking the 'filter by date' button. In the From: field, choose your start date. In the To: field, choose your end date. Click the 'update' button, and you'll see just the information from the date range you selected.

Exporting your data

Once you have your date ranges set, you can export a CSV file with the data from the selected date range by clicking the 'Export to CSV' button. You can then open the CSV in any spreadsheet editor for more advanced tools, formatting options, etc. 

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